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The Doorways of Our Lives

Dearest Readers

I awoke this morning to the sound of the front gate squeaking as someone swung it open and walked up the pathway to our front door. I did not hear a knock on the door, nor the ring of the doorbell, but I heard a voice saying "Yes mum, I texted her, she's coming..."

I thought, I don't have any appointments or meetings this morning. And I checked my phone, but nobody had texted me to notify me that they were waiting at my front door.

A few moments passed, and still there was no knocking at my door nor the ringing of my doorbell. I looked outside through the curtains at the bay window and saw a young girl simply waiting patiently on my pathway, with her phone in her hand, checking her text messages on her phone. Clearly, there had been some type of mix up. I opened the front door and smiled, "I think you have the wrong house..." I said, and I told her my address. She looked up and smiled sheepishly, mumbling, "oh, thanks.." and then called out to her mum, "Mum, we have the wrong street..."

It got me thinking, how if I had not realized that someone was waiting on my pathway, at my doorway and re-directed her, she may have been waiting at the wrong address, at the wrong door, for much longer. Moreover, on a metaphysical level, how often in life are we waiting along a pathway that requires re-direction. How often may we find ourselves at an address, or at a door that are simply not the right ones for what we need or want, in order to maximize life's dreams & goals, and manifest the sweet abundance in both our personal and professional lives.

Along life's pathways we are constantly called on to check in with ourselves - from where we have come, and to where we are headed. Sometimes the answers are clear and easily achieved through a career change, a relationship pivot, or a home upgrade. Yet, sometimes, we may be waiting patiently at doorways, and on pathways that will not yield any tangible fruits of our labours, or change a result to a "hoped for" outcome, unless an observant and caring stranger, friend, family member, or other, shines the light to re-direct our path, helping us to accept and let go of the route that no longer serves us.

How very apropos to be reminded of this musing today, as we stand on the cusp of the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah - the Holiday of light and triumphant victory over the Hellenistic Greek Dynasty - and as we wait at the doorway of the New Solar Year of 2023.

Which doors from 2022 have we been patiently waiting at with no light in sight? Which pathways in 2022 have steered us wrong? What are the new destinations for 2023? Through which gateways will we pass into in the new year? At which doorways will we wait, and on which doors will we knock? Where are the new tracks of light and success in each of our homes, relationships and careers/businesses?

My dear readers and followers - I too am at these crossroads, asking myself these questions and reflecting on which doors I must leave, and which gateways I must seek in re-direction for the year ahead. I pray that we gain clarity, listen to those inner voices with integrity & learn to support each other as we journey forward together. May we all be guided gently, kindly, lightly & confidently as we step into the new light of 2023.

Happy Chanukah!

Happy New Year!

May our individual and collective doorways always be de-Light-ful, Light-filled, Light-hearted & En-Light-ened!

With Love & Light


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