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I've turned to Riv on a number of occasions to gain insight with respect to relationships and friendships. Her intuitive ability has helped to guide me to more healthy and empowering situations, where I have learned to honour my sixth sense and respect what I truly want in order to live a more fulfilling life.

L from NSW AU

I was at a career crossroads. Riv helped me to gain access to my true calling and find a career path that would utilize and balance my diverse skillsets. Her practical advice, coupled with creative solutions and strong intuition, gave me the strength to embark on a more wholesome journey in my work life.

F from London UK

I was caught up in a whirlwind of a relationship. Riv's concern and empathy helped me to uncover that I was holding onto an idea of an individual that was actually not the most healthy and true to my essence. Through a painful process but gently guided and supported throughout, I learned to practice self love and slowly uncover what was more aligned with my relationship goals.

M from Tel Aviv IL

We are a new cafe business that recently opened just prior to COVID-19. Riv is a patron and a neighbour of our cafe. She noticed that we hadn't yet managed to source a natural spice Chai Tea and a Turmeric Golden Mylk tea. In line with our concept and ethos, Riv connected us with a local vendor and introduced us to these natural local products that we will now be able to incorporate on our seasonal menus. Riv's creative ideas, together with her quick ability to network and bridge creative ventures, as well as her strategic marketing & strong writing skills have been heaven sent for us.

AY from Jerusalem IL

I have been Riv's client for over 6 years now. Riv has managed to professionally and creatively write the website content for three of my Mental Health Rehabilitation Facilities on the West Coast of America. Together with her medical and legal acumen, an asset to my line of business, her writing skills - blending both sound scientific research, as well as creative colour have brought our facilities alive for our clients and fundamentally increased their wholistic programming, enabling more sustained healing throughout.

S from SF USA

I retained Riv for a few personal freelance writing projects. Her writing in every genre was stellar and unique, and her ability to meet tight deadlines and produce professional polished results with quick turnover made her a pleasure to work with.

J from NY USA

Life's struggles were overwhelming me. Riv helped me to become more present and grounded, tuning into my 5 senses to heighten my 6th intuitive sense and realize that I am here, and that I am okay. Through mindfulness and nature, I am now on a healing path to maximizing my life's potential.

S from CA USA

I turned to Riv for practical advice on a complex issue. I needed real time solutions for an issue that was causing me emotional angst. Very quickly, Riv was able to zero in on the key factors of the problem, providing me with a calm and grounded foundation, while at the same time allowing me to be inspired to find unique solutions for myself so that I could then develop tools with which to sustain for the long term.

Q from VIC AU

I am a building manager. I was engaged in a complex dispute with landowners, tenants, and a number of bureaucratic arms of city services and councils. I turned to Riv for practical advice and unique ideas for dispute resolution. Riv was able to negotiate with each party, and provide researched solutions and creative ideas to resolve the matter in a way that was beneficial to all.

B from Germany EU

We contracted Riv to produce our Annual Report. Riv managed to wisely network between our organization and the graphic designers to get us to complete the project successfully. In addition to her negotiation skills, keen editing and strong writing style, Riv strategized and designed layout with the graphic design team, finding unique & creative formats to present complex information to our international donors. Riv's vision set a precedent for how our organization now produces our annual report each year.

C from Herzliya IL

We are a family medical practice with an onsite Laboratory. Riv set us up with Quality Assurance and Quality Controlled Laboratory precedents for our COLA certification. We are now COLA certified for many years thanks to precedents & protocols that Riv established and have been followed through ever since.

R from NY USA

We are a telecommunications company. We were upgrading our website and found Riv to update all of our web content. Riv was meticulous in efficiently and accurately seeking, obtaining and comprehending instructions and then practically implementing the new content by way of authoritative research, creative writing style & strategic marketing acumen, within organized & user friendly headings and sub-sections. We now have web content that we are proud to share with our graphic designers for website building.

D from Scotland UK

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