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A Macro Cosmic Tree Bark Shedding from Genesis to Noah

As we stand on the cusp of a rising new moon, having just marked the Jewish New Year of 5782 with another cosmic cycle since the the creation of the World, in the week that bridges the Biblical portions of Genesis & Noah, I can't help but reflect on the concepts of creation & re-creation; new & re-new; live & re-live.

For In the Beginning, it was all new, created, alive. Adam & Eve. Ideal. Perfection. The Garden of Eden. A perfect river flow of utopian fruits and pleasures.

Yet, only 10 generations later, the people are crooked & corrupt. Reality. Bleak. The world and its creations are toxic. A flood of destructive waters must destroy this once perfect universe.

Noah & his Ark remain to rebuild a ruined world and tell the tale of re-newal, re-living, re-creation.

And the Rainbow reminds us of the promise that complete destruction will never occur again, for we will go on from millennia to millennia learning and re-learning; creating and re-creating; painting and re-painting; living and re-living.

While raking the shedding tree bark in my garden yesterday, I was reminded of how like the trees, we as human beings / human goings / human doings, also evolve, grow, and expand by shedding protective layers, defenses, boundaries and borders that no longer serve us from moment to moment, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year and from generation to generation.

Perhaps on a macro level, Genesis to Noah was a huge cosmic tree bark shedding, allowing human consciousness to grow, to rise, to expand, to choose for itself, to become active in re-creating & re-newing.

The trees' ability to soften, to loosen and to shed allows them to ultimately grow and develop with flow - building strong roots with sweet fruits.

Similarly, the Hebrew word Noah means rest, calm, flow. The shedding / letting go / destruction of a paradigm of creation in Genesis was what allowed the world and human-kind to ultimately re-create, re-new and flourish with a sustained evolving foundation that could never be destroyed again. The ideal became real. The utopian dream & fantasy could now become a more balanced pragmatic reality, manifested and transformed into our tangible physical existence.

On a micro level, each and every one of us has the age old ancestral Genesis of paradigms, stories, patterns, protective layers, survival mechanisms, narratives, boundaries and defenses, that may no longer serve us for this week's and this year's Noah upgrade.

Why remain contracted in Genesis when if we only learn to let go, to soften, to bend with the wind, to flow with the river, we will have the ability to expand and to create space for a new & transformed world of infinite abundance?

We have far outgrown Genesis.

Our journeys can change and this year we don't need a flood to get us there (been there, done that!!).

It is time to step out of Noah's Ark and to embrace a universe of renewed individual and collective promise.

To Life!

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