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Dying or Rising in a Lockdown World?

I thought we were rising

But now I feel like we are dying

I see hollowed eyes with masks

Furrowed brows worried about their next piece of bread

A desert landscape of unknown

Can't see the forest from the trees

Yet, as we die the slow and painful death

Are we in essence being asked to rebirth

Into this Twilight Zone

The space between being & becoming

Between isolation & meditation

Between the darkest night & the brightest dawn

Between what once was and what is yet to come

This Twilight Zone

Curled in fetal position

Fear, hunger, pain, discomfort

But are we being taught to stretch beyond our elastic limits

To lean in and to embrace with grace

What we do not yet know

What we do not yet understand

A transformation

Of Corona to Coronation

Transcendent living

In this Twilight Zone

Between our old and new Worlds

When we were once like Dreamers, asleep

And now we are woke

Evolving to speak Butterfly language

And Stargazing for the possibilities are endless

As we manifest every sweet dream to sweeter reality

With the rising new moon embracing our human cycles

As the Universe hugs us with its natural ebb & flow

In this Twilight Zone of Light & Shadow

For we are both dying & rising

Losing & gaining

Wasting & rebirthing

We are here

Bridging Heaven & Earth

For this is Life.

💖 Riv

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