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The Art of Gardening

Every 7th Year the land rests in the Holy Land of Israel.

So wanting to garden, I took a trip to my childhood home Down Under in my Sunburnt Country of Australia to plant and grow the fruits and flowers of my labours in the year 5782 (2021/22).

As always, Nature teaches us all of the grand wisdom of this life and our Universe.

Here are some of my learnings:

  1. The work is physically hard but it's ultimately emotionally exhilarating and uplifting.

  2. Preparation is key.

  3. A good home requires stable and healthy foundations.

  4. A healthy bed requires comfortable ergonomic mattresses, clean laundered sheets and a beautiful pristine bedspread.

  5. Self care and hydration is paramount.

  6. Communication, trust and understanding helps the flourishing.

  7. We need to share.

  8. Sometimes we must dig deep, into the dark bowels, to reveal the light.

  9. The colour needs sunlight.

  10. Wholesome friendships and companions of integrity help us to grow and to thrive.

  11. Patience is a virtue.

  12. Protection and boundaries are necessary to continue existing.

I composted the earth to create a beautiful home with a healthy foundation.

I waited.

I dug deep.

I planted herbs, flowers and vegetables.

I sought the sunlight and sunny patches for the flourishing creative colour and unique diversity.

I cleaned the beds.

I mulched with a pretty bedspread.

I toiled. I soiled. I waited. I watered. I spoke. I touched. I observed. I prayed.

The rain came. The sun shone. I hydrated from the recycled rain water that I conserved & collected in our sunburnt country.

I adapted with healthy planting companions and good neighbours. My wild plantation-like baby corn & zucchinis needed marigolds and nasturtiums to ward off destructive influences. I created new wholesome relationships.

The birds of prey, the big black crows, plucked at my heads of curley parsley, rosemary, lemon thyme & sweet basil. I netted and protected from energy vampires.

Lots of red flowers beautifully contrasted with my White House to ward off the red angry mist of the evil eye.

My mint and oregano flourished in strides, overtaking without boundaries. I potted for healthy, stable survival, mapping the borders of self.

The native birds pecked at my red bottle brushes. I learned to share the wholesome goodness of our precious ecosystem.

Strong winds of change threatened my fragile pepper plant. I staked with extra loving support.

I observed the changes from green to royal purple on the wild Lavender, and the burst of white Gardenia.

I saw my stalks of wild corn grow tall and strong.

I was gifted with the abundant flowering of colour. Buds that blossomed and bloomed in all shapes and sizes. Colouring me in orange auras, yellow halos, pink butterflies & purple crowns.





With balance.

Strong roots; Sweet fruits.

When it became too difficult to speak to the People, I spoke to my Plants.

We understood that we were doing our best. That we were all works in progress. That there was so much unknown that we could never control.

Sweet surrender thrown asunder.

We trusted.

My fingernails dirty. My hair askew. My body fatigued. A beautiful mess of healthy thriving in a world of my own making.

Darkness transformed to light.

Faith to Fortune.

Bringing Prosperity & Pleasure; Luck & Luxury; Magic & Miracles.

Nature will always be my saving grace. Bridging all of the glory in this present moment.

Thank you to our ever abundant Universe for keeping me, holding me and trusting me to be one of the caretakers of its souls.....

"And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling." (Shanti)

My tears soaked the dark earth. And now I reap with joy.

"הזורעים בדמעה, ברינה יקצורו"




SHALL REAP IN JOY" (Psalm 126:5-6)

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With love and blessings

As Venus rises and a New Moon is born


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