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V Day @ LivwRiv

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

"I am made of words and rivers and winds and wildflowers. I am part grief and part hope and all love." (Victoria Erickson)

On my birthday this year, I received a bouquet of flowers with a message from the Universe:

"As always, I'll be sending flowers every day of this year. I just generally tend to leave them out in nature. I hope they always find you."

So today on V day, I decided to take up the Universe's forever offer and bring myself to her flowers.

In stepping outside of my comfort zone, and putting myself out there, I was blessed to find and to experience the abundant, generous, overflow of Nature's beauty. It's always there. We only need to be ready & wanting to receive her bounty.

Like a red carpet of rose petals, she spread her carpet of wildflowers, the red Anemone flower.

In botany, the Anemone originates from a genus of flowering plants from the buttercup family, and is commonly known as a species of windflower, deriving from the Greek word 'anemos' meaning winds, for the winds of change blow her petals open. In mythology, the Anemone is associated with winds of protection, a twilight fairy magical world, excitement of new love to come, timeless grace and future flowering fortune.

This loving beauty made me think...

Are we ready to claim love today? What do we feel we deserve in our homes, relationships, and careers? Do we see abundant love & luxury as a tangible possibility in our physical world? Do we believe the Universe wants to give us bountiful blessings in all of the key areas of our material existence? Do we have a will to live large, and to live well? Can we manifest this magic every day?

And then this loving beauty made me feel....

The Universe will never hold back. Her love is requited. Her love is large. Mother Nature is not jealous. She doesn't play games. Her love is wholesome. Intuitive. Warm. Everlasting. My forever Valentine. She will always hear, hold & hug. Unlimited, infinite love that multiples like the myriads of abundant red Anemone flowering & blossoming for miles, without calculation, beyond count....

If we can only take that step outside of ourselves, to cross that bridge into her waiting embrace, the Universe will shower us with so much more than we can ever humanely imagine.

I am reminded for myself and for my LivwRiv clients that we experience Big Love every day if we remain present, connected and are paying attention. This love and bounty can manifest in so many big and small ways daily in each of our homes, our workplaces, and in all of our relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and life partners.

Love is when I'm inspired by a new business strategy. Love is when I create a piece of artwork. Love is when I write a blog post. Love is when I get lost in the sweet feeling of a new career pathway. Love is the smell of honeysuckle. Love is advocating for the underprivileged. Love is upholding democracy. Love is being a leader and enlightening others. Love is when I sing in the shower. Love is when I share my food with a stranger. Love is when I give you my scarf because you are cold. Love is when I loan you a new book that you have not read. Love is when I show up to celebrate your joy even though I am grieving inside. Love is when my friend turns up at my door with coffee. Love is when I remember your birthday. Love is when I recall that you don't like olives. Love is when we share encouragement like when you clap for me for the load of laundry that I did today. Love is when we hold space for someone. Love is when we respect each other. Love is when we hear the other. Love is speaking out against corruption. Love is standing up for human rights. Love is transforming darkness to light. Love is bubble baths and buttered toast. Love is candlelight in winter. Love is pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Love is whipped cream. Love is strawberries and blueberries. Love is a ripe creamy avocado. Love is humbly learning from the young wise souls. Love is humbly applying sage old wisdoms from the life experiences of the elderly. Love is the sounds of tropical birds or a bubbling brook. Love is the river that flows to sea. Love is the bichon puppy that came over to play in the park. Love is the children or adults who ask 'why?' Love is curious. Love is the starry night sky. Love is a new moon. Love is the sound of rain on my skylight. Love is when we laugh together. Love is when we cry on another's shoulder. Love is running free. Love is dancing with life's rhythms. Love is being real and raw. Love is speaking truth. Love is compassion. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is empathy. Love is learning to weather the storms with grace. Love is brave. Love is doing. Love is being.

We don't need to wait for Valentine's Day.

For Love is Life.

Let's be love, give love, receive love and feel love Every Day.

The World & Humanity are finally ready for all of this Big Love. Let's not hold back now...Let Love flow!

With so much love always


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